Rogel Tote “CYOS” Pattern



This is a CYOS pattern with features like side pockets, inner slip pocket, inner zipper pocket and piping.

Required sewing skill level:

Size(WxHxD): customizable

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This is a CYOS pattern! You can download the instructions from your download list right after your payment and you will get access to the Rogel Tote CYOS page.

But wait! What is this CYOS pattern? You can read more about it here.

Size(WxHxD): customizable

Required sewing skill level: (Beginner)-(Pro)

It depends on the features you switch on.


  • Side pockets
  • Inner zipper pocket
  • Inner slip pocket
  • Piping


You can use cotton, canvas, vinyl, leather, etc for this bag with the proper interfacing. It is not possible to tell how much you need because it really depends on your final bag size and switched-on features.

Even if you can make this tote without HW I recommend to use 

  • 4 rectangle rings or
  • 4 D-Rings and 4 swivel hook

What you will get:

I am offering fully tested products. Both pattern and instruction document are tested by several testers!

  • 1 instruction document in pdf format.
  • Access to the Rogel Tote CYOS page to customize your bag without limitations. There is no printable pattern for this. You need to measure and cut the rectangles as the CYOS page says. The CYOS page has a printable cutting table.
  • The link to the Rogel Tote CYOS page will be in your order details as additional product information.

To be able to open the files mentioned above you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it you can install it from the following link for free:

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You are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, sell or share any part of Tryxus Design patterns. It is only for your own use. However you can sell your own handmade bags if you buy my pattern, please be aware that permissions for commercial use do NOT include factory manufacture or mass production and mass selling. Each person who would like to use this pattern should buy their own copy and credit this pattern to Tryxus Design, each time the product is shared on social networks.

This method was developed by me. Copying, distributing, sharing the whole or a part of the method is strongly forbidden! If you use my pattern and share your beautiful bag on social media, do not forget to give credit to me. 🙂

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