About Instructions

Before you purchase my pattern you may have some curiosity about what you will get. Well, if you choose a standard (non-CYOS) pattern you will get pattern file(s) and the instructions in pdf. On this page I show you what you will find in the instructions. About the patterns you can read more here. If you are interested in CYOS, click on this link.

Cover Page

On the cover page you always find a picture about the bag, the name of it and the size.

1st Page

On the first page there are 3 sections:

  • Material list: Fabric, Interfacing, HWs, etc. I list up all what I used for it.
  • Tips & Tricks: General Tips & Tricks about the instruction. Read it carefully!
  • Pattern Layout: You can always find a picture about the layout so you can recognize if something went wrong with your printing.

2nd Page – Cutting List

For all bag pattern I put a page for cutting lists. Depending on the number of the pattern pieces it can be 3 lists or even more.

Step by Step Instructions

You can find step by step instructions for all of my patterns. It is in 2 main columns. On the left you can read the actual step, on the right you can find a color picture about the step. I always put progress-picture about the bag of the Cover Page.

Each and every step has a number you can refer to if you ask for help. It is easier this way.

Each and every step has some keyword with bold. Intention behind is that after some bag sewing most probably it will be enough to make you remember what is the next step. Pictures supporting it too.

General comments

You can always find every step in the instructions. There is no reference in it to outside documents or skipped steps. My instructions contains detailed steps. All of my pattern and instructions are tested!