About me

Personal Intro

My name is Beatrix Alvári and I am living in a small Europian country, Hungary. I have the best family I could wish for myself. I have 3 children who make my life complete. <3

I was always a girl who was more interested in sicences than arts so my way was straight towards engineering studies. I am working in the automotive industry in the R&D sector. I just love it!

In my childhood my mom sewed simple things like skirts. I remember that one day I decided that I will sew a bluse for myself. I was around 10-12 years old. I stated it to my mom who was sceptic a little bit because I did not sew even a stitch before. lol She just sad: “OK, you can try..” She was not so motivating but she switched on my “hold-my-beer” mood 😀 And I made it. It was not perfect, but I was so proud! So this was how I started to sew. After this first lesson I did not sew too much things for years.

I sat to sewing machine again in my 20s. I used to sew some clothes to myself(skirts, t-shirts, pants) and I used Burda patterns. When my twin sons were born I started to sew some cute baby and toddler clothes but it come real addiction when my daughter was born. I was sewing so much cute clothes to her I was really falling in love with this hobby.

In 2018 I was in trouble with Christmas gifts. I thought it would be cool to sew some toiletteries bags.

I was thinking a lot whether this decision makes sense but finally I decided to share my ideas with you. Sewing is a hobby which is inspiring. I am working on sewing patterns for you to have lot of fun with them. I know that this activity can be very annoying some days. I am committed to help you to overcome on this with my patterns.

I wish you lot of joy with sewing my patterns!