About Testing

How my patterns were tested?

All of my patterns are going through a testing phase. And it is starting with me. Yes. Me. I am the very first tester. I can test the pattern itself and writing the instructions. Even if I were reviewing them I could not find all the mistakes I made. It is normal. So I always turn to my testers ask them to make their own bag using my pattern and instructions. I can tell you I always got proposals how to change the instructions or the pattern to make them more easy to make/understand. I appreciate their job a lot! Without them you could not get these patterns!

Testers’ sewing skills

It is important to me to get feedback about my patterns from bag makers with different sewing skills. Because of this I am looking for beginner and professional testers too. This is true for the sewing machines as well. I have a domestic sewing machine so this part is tested by the first tester (me) but I am interested in how the bag would look like if it is done on an industrial. Diversity is a key for me.

Testers’ bag pictures

I always add some testers’ pictures to all of my patterns on this website so you can see what they made before you purchase it. If you sew one of my pattern, please feel free to send a link to me about your pictures. I would love to add them as product pictures.

If you would like to join to my testing community you need to fill in the following form first: link.