CYOS=Create Your Own Size. Did you have the situation that your customer(or you personally) wanted a new bag but with the same size what she/he had? For sure you had no pattern with that exact size so pattern hunting started. Aaand finally you were asking for help in a sewing group where they could recommend a bag pattern with similar shape but you had to play with increase or decrease the pattern size… ugh.. yes, I know it.

I decided to develop a new method for you! The only thing you need to do is to define the final size of the bag and choose which features you would like to add (eg pockets). Everything else is calculated automatically. You just need to cut, interface and sew.. Is it amazing? Yes, it is. I personally love this method. 🙂

I mark my CYOS patterns with CYOS label so it is easy to recognize!

This method was developed by me. Copying, distributing, sharing the whole or part of the method is strongly forbidden! If you use my pattern and share your beautiful bag on social media, do not forget to give credit to me. 🙂

All rights reserved!